Destiny 2 Competitive Features and Possible eSports Future Discussed

Destiny 2’s competitive multiplayer design lead Lars Bakken gave an interview on Daily Star, talking about the game’s prospects and features in competitive along with the possibilities of diving in the Esports realm.

Bakken discussed the new balanced features in Destiny 2 regarding the gameplay. Players will have abilities with universal cool downs. They will get lower ‘damage reduction’ while super charged, making them vulnerable and encourage the use of skills to survive and compete.

Just like ‘Titan’ class can put up barriers and ‘Hunters’ will be able to dodge melee attacks or gunshots and there’s Warlock, each of the three classes has sub classes, Arcstrider, Sentinel, Dawnblade with their own unique super abilities. Sticky grenade and melee damage have been discounted, the players won’t die with one hit anymore.

There are 6 primary weapon types such as scout rifles for long range, assault rifles for medium range and low recoil, SMGs for shorter range medium recoil and Pulse rifles for burst fires, shotguns, grenade launchers etc. The 2nd weapon slot is for charge type abilities such as PvP is doing more damage in the super state, PvE is destroying shields faster. There’s a grenade customization feature for usages such as pin point sticky type, imploding range type and the blow damage in a range.

The overall focus of the game is about the bread-and-butter primary fire which means more careful skills required to survive instead of flashy charged weapons, spamming around in charged crucible. Speaking of diversity of interests in Esports gaming, Bakken replied that players may choose where they want to spend their time in the game. If they decided that Destiny 2 is the game where online tournaments can become a meta, then definitely that’s something we can look forward to.

Although they don’t want to get into the online tournaments scene right from the launch of the game. Some significant changes have been made to PvP class, including removal of 12 players larger crucible modes and Trials mode changed to 4v4 instead of the usual 3v3. The game is set to launch October 24th.