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Checking Splatoon 2 League Records Will Crash Your Game

Those enjoying the competitive modes of Splatoon 2 should be aware of a nasty bug that is infecting the system and causing a bit of frustration for players.

The official Japanese support page of the game (via Destructoid) is currently cautioning everyone to not access their League records through traditional means. It has been confirmed that any account with more than nine recorded competitive games will crash to the console menu as soon as the player accesses the history.

Nintendo is advising everyone to use the official Nintendo Switch Online mobile application instead, which is free from the bug and working as intended. Given that its adoption rate is incredibly low, this is a fine opportunity for the company to have its followers start using the online application even if it is for a temporary period.

Thankfully, the crash does not affect the save files and players do not have to fret about losing any progress. Nonetheless, it is still something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Nintendo is currently looking into the problem and a fix should be in the works. A possible release date for the amendment has not been mentioned.

Splatoon 2 was launched less than two weeks ago. So high was the demand that the horde of consumers managed to crash the Nintendo eShop as soon as the game went online. The third-person team-based multiplayer shooter is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.