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Battlefield 1 CTE Hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Finally, console gamers can try all the new changes and improvements to Battlefield 1 before they go public. EA DICE has released Battlefield 1 CTE on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Until now, the CTE was only available on PC but that is no longer the case.

Players would need to download a separate version of the game from their respective online stores. But keep in mind that not all of you have access to Battlefield 1 CTE. As is the case with PC, players would need to grab the season pass in order have access to the community test environment.

You will be able to test upcoming features, weapons, maps, and changes to gameplay in the community test environment.

The season pass not only gives you access to CTE but all of the additional content for Battlefield 1. You will have four expansions – They Shal Not Pass, In the Name of Tsar, Turning the Tides, and Apocalypse. Each brings new weapons, maps, and battle-packs.

They Shal Not Pass and In the Name of Tsar are already released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The remaining two will launch later on.

If you are yet to buy the game but plan to alongside its season pass, it is best to wait. Amazon France leaked a listing for Battlefield 1 Revolution that is scheduled to launch on August 22. According to the accompanying description, it will feature the base game as well as the Premium Pass that includes the four planned expansion packs.

It is expected to cost less compared to buying both items separately.

What changes and improvements would you like to see in Battlefield 1? Let us know in the comments below.