Which AIO Coolers Are Compatible With AMD Threadripper?

AMD will ship an AIO coolers compatibility list including an Asetek-compatible retention kit with the retail shipment of Threadripper line of CPUs. Considering the fact that Threadripper will utilize a new motherboard socket, HEDT based, X399 series this is a very good idea.

Threadripper’s IHS has a giant size, which makes it somewhat unlikely that most of the currently available AIO water cooling solution might fit.

Furthermore, since the processor size and interface have changed, therefore, having a new socket becomes mandatory and that’s why a new retention kit must also be made available by the cooler manufacturers. Although there are universal retention kits available in the market you’ll have to search for it, and figure it out yourself if your current or old AIO coolers can fit on the current motherboard setup.

AMDs compatibility list so far includes 3 coolers from Arctic, 2 from Cooler Master including the legendary Hyper 212, 4 from Corsair, the famous 3 Krakens from NZXT, 5 variants of water 3.0 rising from Thermaltake, one from EVGA and a couple other names.

Though the list is fairly decent, AMD assures that they will be offering an Asetek retention kit for AIO cooling in their Threadripper retail packaging.

That would make Asetek-built AIOs compatible with TR4 socket. For the coolers that aren’t yet listed on AMDs website, they advised the users to check with their cooling solution manufacturer. To ensure if an adapter is available or the current cooling solution will suffice.

Several other coolers will receive mid-production updates after a certain time period of the launch. For the complete list of coolers supported, be sure to check the AMD’s TR4 compatibility page.