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Zoo Craft Tips and Strategies Guide – Zoo Building Tips, Butterflies, Time-Limited Missions

In this Zoo Craft Tips and Strategies Guide, we have listed some tips and strategies for you. With the help of these tips and strategies, you can build your ultimate zoo that you have always wanted.

The game will take some grinding to progress a lot so we have curated this Zoo Craft Tips and Strategies Guide so that you can grind easily to make it to those later stages where you will have a bustling zoo running with a wide variety of animals.

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Zoo Craft Tips and Strategies Guide

Zoo Craft Tips and Strategies Guide details everything you need to know about playing Zoo Craft and building the perfect zoo.

Zoo Craft Tips and Strategies

Prioritize Time-limited Missions

Although every mission will give you a reward, you should really focus on the time-limited missions. They may seem a little hectic to complete but they are totally worth doing. They give you better rewards than other normal missions that you complete in the game. Another thing to keep in mind is that once you have missed a timed mission, you cannot do it again as it gone forever.

Kiosks Yield Profit

When you start your zoo, your focus must be on earning as much profit as possible. You will not have a lot of resources right at the start so you must build Kiosks and a lot of them. This will help maintain a steady flow of income while expanding your zoo as well. Kiosks make your zoo look full and also they are good for the guests as they increase their satisfaction. Although the Kiosks have a very low return, in the long run, they are very beneficial when every last dollar counts. The more Kiosks you build, the more money you will get from them.

Select your Breeding Specimen

It does not seem like it, but you can actually select which animal to breed. When you are in the breeding menu, simply choose the two animals that you are planning to breed. Now simply go to the possible results screen and choose one animal that you would like to breed instead of a random animal. This will help you unlock all the animals in your personal collection.

Don’t let Those Butterflies Escape!

When you visit some one’s zoo in Zoo craft, you will see many butterflies flying around. Do not let them escape and capture them to get great and random rewards. It is an easy way to get some freebie rewards.

Take the Easy Way Out

If you are stuck at a mission, you can easily skip that mission. This is free of cost however you must try to complete as many missions as possible as they will give you rewards. If you skip a mission, it will be replaced by a new mission that you will now complete in its place. Therefore, you should play to clear, as many missions are possible to unlock some really good rewards.

Leave Some Debris Lying Around

When you are expanding your base, you will come across debris often which you be required to clean to expand further. Our recommendation is that you should not clear this debris just for the sake of expansion.

You will eventually get missions which will ask you to clear the debris on the map. This is your time to clean up that debris so you can clear the mission as well. If you clear all the debris beforehand, your missions might be stuck as you will be asked repeatedly to remove some debris from the map.

This concludes our Zoo Craft Tips and Strategies Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!