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Mad Fellows: I Understand People Have “Criticism” Over Xbox One X But, Is Sick Of The “Negative Backlash”

Xbox One X has been a topic of discussion since its reveal and while the console has received a positive response from the gaming community but, there are also those who have criticized it is some aspect. However, some take the criticism too far and according to Mad Fellows, he is sick of negative backlash for Xbox One X.

Speaking with ThisGenGaming, Aaero developer, Mad Fellows was asked about his opinion on the upcoming Xbox One X. According to Fellows, he is very excited for the console and added that while people do have criticism but, he is sick that people turn it into a negative backlash and blamed it on the console wars.

Totally excited for the Xbox One X. I understand that people have criticisms but, to be completely honest, I’m tired of every announcement having a swath of negative backlash. The guys I play online with (and watch E3 keynotes with) decided long ago that we’d just get excited for stuff that looked cool and if we didn’t like something we’d just let it go. The console wars are hell, man. We’re never going back there! The games they showed off, like Metro, looked like a considerable jump in quality. I just need to save up enough to get one on launch day!

There is no doubt that Xbox One X will be the most powerful console on the market when it releases but, according to an industry analyst, the console lacks any blockbuster games.

According to the industry analyst, Michael Goodman, while he liked the Microsoft’s press conference which focused more games rather than Xbox One X. He added that he didn’t see any blockbuster among the games showcased for Xbox One X.

What is your take on this whole situation? Are console wars to blame for the negative backlash on the upcoming Xbox? Let us know in the comments.

Source: ThisGenGaming