Venezuela’s Money Is Now Worth Less Than World of Warcraft Gold

Venezuela’s economic crisis has hit a new low; the Venezuelan bolivar is now so worthless that if you have a good amount of World of Warcraft gold, then you’re likely richer than many Venezuelan citizens, and the gap between the two is only growing larger as the crisis continues to grow.

The Venezuelan economic crisis has been going on ever since 2013 with the death of Hugo Chavez and the election of his successor, Nicolás Maduro, whose administration has been characterized by economic downturn, a sharp increase in crime and poverty, and extreme hyperinflation that has led to 10,000 pieces of World of Warcraft gold being worth just 1.21 Venezuelan bolivars.

For the past three years, a huge amount of protests and riots have begun to plague Venezuela, with Maduro repeatedly attempting to subvert the opposition and assume more dictatorial powers, with the most recent attempt being a vote to dissolve parliament, leaving Maduro and the nation’s Supreme Court, which is stacked with the president’s supporters, in complete control of the country. The election has been harshly criticized outside of Venezuela as a blatant sham, as it appears many Venezuelans didn’t bother to vote out of disgust.

While exactly what will happen to Venezuela in the near future remains in doubt, hopefully whatever happens it will be able to stabilize the country and get the currency out of what is, for all intents and purposes, a death spiral. Either that, or players need to figure out how to make Venezuela’s official currency to the World of Warcraft gold piece.

In other more light-hearted news, some data miners have uncovered evidence of what might be a new World of Warcraft expansion, which serves as a follow up to Legion and will take players to the island of Kul Tiras, one of the last few unexplored regions of Azeroth.