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The Long Dark Travelling Guide – How To Travel Between Different Areas of the Map

This Long Dark Travelling Guide will help players travel between different areas in The Long Dark and also highlight some of the useful environmental markers they should keep in mind in order to make sure they are going the right way.

The playable map in The Long Dark is pretty big, especially by singleplayer survival standards, featuring a world size of around 50 square kilometers for players to explore and survive in. Of course, given its size, it can take some time to travel between different regions of the map and if players don’t know where they are going, it is easy to get lost in the wilderness.

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The Long Dark Travelling Guide

Some regions of the map can only be accessed through certain regions so a lot of backtracking can be expected when moving around.

The Long Dark Travelling Guide

Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway

In the middle of the frozen lake is an island sitting next to a peninsula. Stand between them with the island on your left and the peninsula on your right, facing west. Head across the lake and the Camp Office will be further up the shore on your left.

Keep heading in that direction and you will run across some train tracks. Players need to turn right and follow the tracks until they cross the area with derailed trains. Once players cross the Train Bridge, they will come up on the Carter Hydro Dam which is a really useful place to seek shelter and gather resources.

Pass by the dam and keep following the train tracks until you are prompted to “Leave Mystery Lake” and enter the Ravine. Keep following the train tracks. There is a small snow drift that covers a portion of the tracks just before another train bridge, but if you keep heading forward you shouldn’t get lost.

When you see the red train cars ahead, turn right and cross the river. Players need to approach these red train cars until they reach a ledge with a Frozen Corpse and a backpack on it. A fallen tree on the ledge can lead them to the top of the train cars.

Once across the gap, players can head right and up the hill to reach more train tracks. Continuing to follow these will take the players to a tunnel which leaves the area and players enter Coastal Highway. Players can simply retrace their steps to go back to Mystery Lake if they need to.

Mystery Lake to Pleasant Valley

The initial traveling part for this is the same as when traveling to Coastal Highway. Once players reach Carter Hydro Dam, they need to head inside, enter the doorway to the large room and then cross the doorway to the left to reach a passage with red walls. Following this passage takes players to a large area with huge machines inside it.

A door in the far left corner of the room will let players leave Upper Dam. Once players do that, they will be in another red passage which leads to a small room with a door on the left closed by a push bar. This door leaves the Lower Dam and players enter the Winding River.

You will be standing on a fenced-in platform. There is a gap in the fence to the right. Head down the stairs and toward the snowy trail. Follow the trail along the cliffside, and it should lead you to the frozen river at the base of the dam. Turn right, walking with the dam behind you on the frozen river. When you will come to a fork in the river, take the right-hand path and follow the frozen river.

Soon players will hit a dead end with a path on the right which they need to follow. This again leads to the river and following the river will lead to a cave which will let players exit the Winding River area. Crossing the caves will lead to Pleasant Valley. Players can simply retrace these steps if they need to return to Mystery Lake.

Coastal Highway to Pleasant Valley

Players need to be well prepared in terms of light sources for this journey as they will be crossing some mines and caves. To start off, they need to stand on the main highway with the coast to their right and follow the road until they reach the Quonset Gas Station. There is a small path through the rocks in this area which leads to the other side.

Soon, players will come up on a log barrier, which they should keep on the right and continue along the path as the terrain becomes hilly and players can see log barriers on either side. Eventually, players will reach a collection of cabins from where they can turn right and follow the faint path which leads to a blue trailer.

Make a sharp right and keep going up the hill, following the path between the rocks. The path will run into another snow-covered road with log retaining walls. Turn left, following the log barriers along the left. You will run straight into an abandoned mine entrance which will prompt you to “Leave Coastal Highway.” Inside the mine is a large room by the entrance, but head straight through and you will come to a tunnel.

At the first fork in the tunnel, turn right. You will come to a room with a gated section. Cross the room and take the tunnel on the right. At the next fork, turn left. You should come to a room with a workbench.

Head across the room and enter the tunnel on the right. Keep going right at the next fork. The tunnel will lead to a room with a set of wooden stairs circling up and to the right. At the top of the stairs, enter the tunnel on the left and follow it uphill. Stay to the left at the next intersection until you reach Pleasant Valley.

Coastal Highway to Desolation Point

Keeping the coastline to the right and traveling along the road will lead players to the Coastal Townsite. Following the road going past the town, players will see a pink car to the left which is a good marker that they are on the right track.

Soon enough, they will reach Commuter’s Lament where a snowy path on the left will lead them out of Coastal Highway and on to the Crumbling Highway. Following this damaged road will take players to a large rock blocking the road with a small gap through which the players can pass through.

After crossing the rock, There will be a barrier preventing you from getting to the road itself, but follow the barrier till it ends and you will meet up with the road again.

Backtrack a few steps along the road toward the blue truck and head down the snowy path beside the truck. The path will lead to a mine entrance in the rock face on your right, and the mine will prompt you to “Leave Crumbling Highway.” Inside the No. 3 Coal Mine, follow the tunnel until you come to a partial collapse.

Duck to crawl through the collapse, and immediately on the other side, you will be confronted with your first fork in the tunnel. Take the left-hand path and follow it until you reach a larger room. On the left side of the room will be a workbench and another tunnel. Take that tunnel and follow it downhill. There will be a beam to duck under at one point, and eventually, the tunnel will split again. Take the tunnel to the right, and at the mine entrance you will be prompted to “Leave Mine.”

Pleasant Valley to Timberwolf Mountains

To begin, players need to stand in front of the Pleasant Valley Farmstead with the silo on their left. In the distance, they will see a wooden structure and should head towards that to reach Heartbreak Ridge.

Once there, they need to turn left and cross the bridge and follow the road further until they cross a tan car near the Pleasant Valley Outbuildings. After crossing another bridge and passing through Rural Crossroads, players will reach another road covered by snow that leads towards Derelict Cabins.

Players need to pass the cabins and move towards the large rocks in the distance until they reach two paths in the snow covered road. They need to take the one on the right and continue up the hill to reach an unnamed bridge which leads to some hills.

Taking the steeper path to the right will lead players to a dip between the two hills until they reach a large depression in the land. Players need to continue along until they can see some buildings on the right and head towards those.

Soon, players will see a climbing rope on a Cliffside which they need to climb and reach the top. However, ropes should only be climbed if players are well rested and have full stamina.

If not, players should take a quick nap with the Bedroll inside some small building. Once at the top of the cliff, reaching the first fork in the tunnel ahead will take players outside of Pleasant Valley. They need to take the left-hand path until they reach a larger room with a work bench and tunnel leading outside of it.

Taking this tunnel and following it downhill will eventually lead players to another splitting tunnel with the path on the right leading outside the Mines. They need to take this path to reach Timberwolf Mountains.

This is all we’ve in our The Long Dark Travelling Guide. If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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