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Telltale Games Supporting Nintendo Switch With Minecraft

Nintendo gamers missed the best of Telltale games being offered over past 5 years. With no support or interest by the developers at Telltale Games for Nintendo consoles, things were getting annoying. Especially, the games with episodic series such as a game of thrones, The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, Guardians of the Galaxy and the lastly Batman – The Telltale series, are highly suited for Nintendo Switch.

The fans, however, can rejoice now since their favorite developer and publisher studio is showing some interest towards Nintendo Switch by launching, ‘Minecraft: Story Mode – The complete Adventure’ on 22nd August and 25th August in North American and European Region respectively.

The company’s decision makes it evident that they’re interested in targeting a new set of audience with its wide variety of story and adventure gaming titles.

Recently, a Russian retailer listed Batman: The Telltale series for Nintendo Switch on its website, followed by some Spanish retailer, FNAC, adding the game to their availability list. They specified the release date to be October 6th. Considering the Batman’s 2nd episode from the series is already on the way, Nintendo gamers might have to catch up on the action.

Hopefully, Telltale might release other popular games like The Walking Dead, Borderlands, Game of Thrones as well on Switch.

Since this console is marketed for people who want to game an extended session at home along with passing time while traveling. This may prove very fruitful for Telltale to broaden their support to Nintendo consoles and being able to serve a new market segment.

Switch or Nintendo consoles, in general, are targeted to an audience that likes to game in co-op, or enjoys the innovative methods of interaction in video games. Even if some of the games require serious physical endurance. Unlike other consoles, how deeper does Telltale wants to go in the Nintendo’s market, remains to be seen.

Which Telltale Games would you like to see on Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below.