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Tacoma Housecat Locations Guide – How To Find The Cat, Earn Catsitter Achievement

Tacoma Housecat Locations Guide to help you find Margaret Catwood and earn the Catsitter Achievement in the game.

The Tacoma Space Station isn’t just filled with people and there are some non-human residents in the area as well. One of those is the housecat Margaret Catwood who runs around the different areas of the Tacoma Station and can be seen hiding in numerous AR Crew Recordings which the players find throughout the game.

Finding the housecat and zooming in to bring up its name in every location will reward players with the Catsitter achievement. This Tacoma Housecat Location guide will help players earn that achievement.

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Tacoma Housecat Locations

As mentioned above, the housecat Margaret Catwood can be seen in numerous AR recordings which players will be collecting to progress in the game. In order to find the cat, they need to look at each recording carefully and once they spot the pet, players need to zoom in on it until the cat’s name is visible.

Below is a list of all the areas and details of where the cat can be found aboard the Tacoma Station.

Tacoma Housecat Locations

During the main Crew Recording instance, players can find the cat curled up on a chair in a corner inside the Conference Room

The housecat is asleep on top of some vents and pipes inside the Laundry Room

Botany Wing
Follow Sareh into Food Storage and look in the room on the left for containers of meat products. The housecat will be sitting in a hole in the grating above those containers

If players enter Sareh’s medical exam area and head into the imaging room, they can find the cat hiding under the main table

Mechanical Engineering
Head left from the main entrance into the Power Cell Room where the cat will be asleep on top of some power cells in the left corner of the room

Network Technology
After finding Sareh’s first AR Crew Recording, players need to turn around from Sareh and look up the windowsills at the top of the main area with the stairs. The cat will be asleep near the windowsills opposite the newly opened door.

The Hub
Once players leave Engineering Module with ODIN’s AI Wetware in hand, they can find the housecat in E.V’s arms as the crew prepares to leave.

This is all we currently have on Tacoma Housecat Locations but if you would like to add more, share in the comments below.