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Tacoma AR Desktop Data Locations ‘ARdcore’ Guide – How To Find All AR Recordings

This Tacoma AR Desktop Data Locations guide will help players find all the AR Desktop Data aboard the Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma for the Achievement.

Tacoma, the sci-fi narrative adventure from the creators of Gone Home is out now and requires players to navigate aboard a space station, solving puzzles, talking to people and collecting objects. One of those items players need to find is the AR Recordings for the ARdcore achievement.

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Tacoma AR Desktop Data Locations Guide

In our Tacoma AR Desktop Data Locations Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about finding all the AR Desktop Data in Tacoma.

Tacoma AR Desktop Data Locations

Most of the times, the records of the crew will be displayed on personal desktops in from of them which the players can view. Some of these AR Crew Records might be corrupted and will only be visible for a few moments so players need to hurry in such cases. Below are all the locations with details of the AR Desktop Data Locations in those areas:

Administration Wing
There are four instances of AR Recordings in Administration Wing. The one is being used by E.V in the Conference Room, the second is Clive’s recording in the Kitchen. The third and fourth locations are both accessible after the explosion if players go to Natali and Sareh.

Operations also has four Desktop Data locations, the first of which is Andrew’s in the Fitness Center. The second AR Recording is Clive’s in his office while Roberta’s desktop in the Cargo area holds the third recording. Sareh in the Fitness Center has the fourth AR Data recording.

Clive’s Room
There is a corrupted piece of AR Recording in Clive’s room as he talks to his friend on chat. Players can view part of his AR Desktop during his conversation with his friend.

Botany Wing
This area has three recordings with the first one appearing almost immediately after players meet E.V and then pulls out her desktop to message the crew.

Later in the area, Sareh has a panic attack and pulls out her AR Desktop to calm herself down using images of greenery. The third AR Recording is with Andrew when he uses his desktop down in Irrigation to open up the door, the code for which can be seen as 0281.

Andrew’s Room
There is a corrupted recording in his room of him and Sareh playing an AR game, Spitfire’s Revenge. His AR Desktop Data can also be checked here to find more information about Andrew like a message and picture from his son as well as a birthday present in a nearby closet.

Medical Wing
One point of AR Desktop Data can be recovered from Natali as she starts walking away from Sareh at the start. Another one can be picked up from Sareh when she is alone with ODIN in Exam Facilities and the final one by Andrew when he enters the Medical Wing while looking at his AR Desktop.

Sareh’s Room
Players can head to Sareh’s Room to find another corrupted crew record when Sareh is lying in her bed checking out her AR Desktop.

Mechanical Engineering
One of the AR Desktop Data points can be recovered in the start when Sareh talks to ODIN while the final one is with Natali just before the explosion.

Roberta’s Room
Inside Bert and Nat’s place, players can find another corrupted AR Recording showing Roberta working on a mural in the corner of the room while Natali looks from the bed. Players can check out Roberta’s Desktop Data here.

Network Technology
This corrupted AR Recording shows Natali’s first meeting with ODIN and players can also pull her AR Desktop Data in the area as she tries to make ODIN independent.

The Hub
The first piece of AR Desktop Data is in the start as Natali talks to Andrew and her messages indicate that others know about Venturis getting caught. Clive’s desktop can also be checked as he heads from Cryogenics towards Docking while the final piece of data is from Sareh as she promises ODIN he will be safe.