SNES Classic Preorders Are Coming Soon, Be Aware Of Supply Shortages

SNES Classic preorders are going to become available soon, but if you want one you should try and reserve one as fast as possible, as there are likely going to be more shortages like the ones that plagued Nintendo’s NES Classic during its time on the market, which will likely happen.

The SNES Class is the logical continuation of the NES Classic, which came out several years ago and immediately ran into supply problems, as more people wanted to buy it than Nintendo had units creative a constant supply and demand problem until the system was discontinued earlier this year.

Nintendo has said that the SNES Classic will be shipped to retailers later this month, and even more will continue to be shipped out throughout the rest of the calendar year.

Hopefully this will avoid the extremely chaotic situation of the NES Classic, which saw a number of scalpers re-selling their NES Classics to anyone who would pay their exorbitant prices, along with people that apparently had nothing better to spend their money on buying at least twenty units for themselves.

All the same, even with the larger amount of units that will be available when the SNES Classic preorders become available, gamers should keep the likelihood of shortages in mind. With how popular vintage game systems are, even with Nintendo’s Virtual Console service, the SNES Classic will likely be even more popular than the NES Classic.

Various classic SNES games will be available on the SNES Classic, including games like Earthbound, Super Metroid, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy 3, and even an unreleased Star Fox game in the form of Star Fox 2, which was developed in 1995 but never came out.

So, keep an eye on your local video game retailer to see if they’ll be getting any SNES Classics in, and try and get one of the SNES Classic preorders for yourself.