League of Legends Survey Reveals Possible Compensation for Runes and Rune Pages

Riot Games currently hopes to push the much-anticipated Runes Reforged initiative for League of Legends later this year around the pre-season period. That gives the community only months, provided that everything is on schedule, but the developer is still not sure about how to compensate everyone for spending tons of precious resources over Runes and Rune Pages in the past.

According to a post on Reddit, the developer recently sent out a survey to random players in order to get a better idea about what kind of refunds majority of the community would appreciate. Keep in mind that this does not entirely confirm what may happen in the end and should not be taken as an announcement.

Riot Games is pondering over a two-step compensation plan. The first is the direct reward based on the overall IP (in-game currency) and RP (real-world currency) spent, and the second is basically exclusive content from the store to spend that refund on.

Runes Spent Rewards

  • Runes purchased with IP before this season: 40% of IP refunded
  • Runes purchased with IP this season: 100% of IP refunded
  • Rune pages purchased with IP: Carries over to the new system; now editable in champ select
  • Rune pages purchased with RP: 50% of RP refunded, awarded exclusive Runebooks Ward Skin

IP-Only Store Content

  • Mystery Icons: 1500 IP
  • Chromas: 2000 IP
  • Exclusive Rune Hero Icons: 3000 IP
  • Mystery Ward Skins: 4900 IP
  • Runegard Volibear w/ IP Edition border: 35k IP
  • Runeborn Xerath w/ IP Edition border: 35k IP
  • Earthrune Skarner w/ IP Edition border: 35k IP
  • Rune Wars Renekton w/ IP Edition border: 35k IP
  • Gem stone (limit one per account): 75k IP
  • Urfwick w/ IP Edition border: 150k IP

Last week, Riot Games announced that any Runes purchased from May 30 until the upcoming pre-season will be refunded for their complete value. However, Rune Pages purchased during the same period will not be. The news was met with disappointment by many in the League of Legends community.