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IO Interactive Reveals Plans For Hitman August Content Update, Includes Player Designed Contracts

IO Interactive has announced the next piece of free content coming to Hitman. For the first time in game’s history, the Hitman August content will also feature player-curated contracts, giving more power to the fans who have stuck around with the game after all this time.

This new August update is also special since this will be the first month since April 2016 where IO Interactive will not have an Elusive Target for players to track down and kill in Hitman. In its place, throughout the month of August there will be a lot more content drops include the aforementioned player-curated Featured Contracts.

The first piece of content will land on 11th August in the form of Featured Contracts and Challenge Pack. The Challenge pack, The Art of Revenge, will add five new challenges to the game which will also boost Location Mastery so players have an added incentive to complete these challenges instead of the regular ones. These challenges will be added to Hokkaido so players will be mastering that location by completing these challenges.

Anyone who manages to complete all the challenges will be entitled to a unique reward which IO Interactive will reveal next week.

The player-curated Featured Contracts will bring in content designed by members of the Hitman community to give players a different take challenge on the game’s content, straight from a gamer’s perspective instead of from developers. The first curator to be featured in Hitman August update is Mendietinha, a Brazillian streamer, and his curated contracts will go live later in August.

IO Interactive has also revealed that the Hitman September content update will also be similar as the company prepares for some exciting new announcement. Whether that is the season 2 of the game or not remains to be seen.

Hitman is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game and franchise’s future was in jeopardy a few months ago when publisher Square Enix tried to sell the studio and IP, however, IO Interactive later went on to become their own separate indie entity while retaining control of the Hitman IP.