Gears Of War 4 August Update Brings New Maps, Events And More

Gears Of War 4 launched last year and developer The Coalition has been supporting the game since with new maps and updates. It will be a while before we get to see another Gears Of War but, The Coalition has rolled out Gears Of War 4 August Update that brings new maps and increases the daily bonuses.

The Gears Of War 4 August Update brings two new maps namely, Forge Blitz and Canals. The Forge Blitz map is an updated version of Forge map and is set in a factory that’s been damaged by the elements. Devs describe the new version as faster and more tactical.

Also, the open space in the updated map has been lessened so make the players engage with one another quickly. As for the second map included in Gears Of War 4 August update, is from the first Gears Of War. The new version has been updated and there have been some tweaks.

Both of these maps are now available for those players who own the season pass for the game. The rest will get these maps on August 8. The update will also offer an increase in the daily bonuses. In August, players will receive 500 credits for their first win instead of 100.

Also, there will be a couple of new events for Gears Of War 4 in August. On August 18 the game will add a new Horde variant and the second event, One Shot One Kill mode on Canals, will start on August 25.

We won’t be getting a look at the next Gears Of War for a while but, Phil Spencer recently visited Halo developer 343i and Gears of War developer The Coalition to check out what they were working on. According to Spencer, next Gears Of War is wonderful.

Gears Of War 4 is a third-person action shooter developed by The Coalition for PC and Xbox One.