Flappy Dunk Tips and Strategies Guide – Controlling the Ball, How to Swish, Unlocking Skins

Flappy Dunk Tips and Strategies Guide to help you get familiar with the game along with some tips to attain a high score.

I am sure the mere mention of the word ‘flappy’ brings back memories of rage and frustration to a lot of our readers. The worldwide smash hit game by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen was reportedly generating over $40000 a day in ad revenue when it was released in 2013. Eventually, the developer was harassed to such an extent by the community that he decided to take down the game from the app store altogether.

Do you remember the frustration? Or is it a fading memory? Well, it does not matter because you are about to feel it all again with Flappy Dunk. Ironically developed by a company called voodoo, this game is surely going to get a few phones broken. However, we here at SegmetNext might just have a few tips and tricks to ease the nostalgic and painful journey.

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Flappy Dunk Tips and Strategies Guide

The main purpose of the game is to guide the ball through hoops which get progressively harder. You need quick reactions and a trained muscle memory to get the most out of the game. Flappy Dunk is the sort of game at which you will keep getting better the longer you play, so make sure that you stick with it and eventually you will be bragging to your friends about your high scores.

Flappy Dunk Tips and Strategies

Controlling the Ball

Seems easy, right? All you have to do is tap the screen and get the ball through hoops. It is only when playing through the game that you realize the arduous mechanics which you must master. Controlling the ball’s position, speed and precision is the most important factor in the game. Make sure you watch out how fast you tap the ball because the further it falls, the faster it will drop. If the ball becomes so fast that it falls to the bottom of the screen, it’s game over.

Timing is another important factor in Flappy Dunk. You must compensate for the speed and positioning of the ball by tapping efficiently. Tapping too early or too late can be quite disastrous so make sure you do not tap after landing on a hoop as it will completely ruin your next shot.

Tackling the Game

The most time efficient way to get good at flappy dunk would be to complete the challenges. There are 30 challenges in the game and they provide a varying level of difficulty and also set a time limit to make things interesting. Levels 1-10 are the easiest, and this is where you should start. Hop into these challenges and try to complete them to get the feel of the game. After this attempt the remaining challenges for a more difficult but more rewarding experience.

Unlocking Skins

Ah skins, where the modern gaming market would be without them. Like many popular games such as League of Legends and H1Z1, Flappy Dunk has a lot of skins, but unlike them and perhaps more, fortunately, they are free to unlock by simply playing the game.

Some of the skins can be easily unlocked by simply playing the game and reaching the milestones, while others are more extreme and require you to challenges such as achieving 15 swishes in a row. Unlocking skins should not be a problem for any player. But the most sought after skins will be the ones which require a great amount of skill and thus they will separate the good players from the great.

How to Swish!

The swish doubles your points quite a bit if done in succession, so you will see your fair share of swishes while playing Flappy Dunk. To perform a swish, line up your ball perfectly with the hoop and make sure you do not touch the rings as the ball falls through the hoop. This may be much more difficult than it seems as the hoop may be sideways; so make sure you practice swooshing well!

Now that you know what to do, what are you waiting for? Get into the game and start flapping. Follow our Flappy Dunk Tips and Strategies Guide and watch your friends gaze at the screen in wonder as they witness a swoosh, and then another, and then another, and then another.