Dormammu and Firebrand Confirmed for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Two more characters have been confirmed for the bolstering roster of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite that excel in the use of fearsome magic and devilish powers.

First is Dormamu, an ancient being that lives inside dark dimensions and consumes entire worlds for sustenance. He is recognized as the main adversary of Doctor Strange and is always on the lookout to somehow find a way into our world. Dormamu possesses pure mystical energy that increases to greater levels through the worship of his followers. He can transmute matter, move between dimensions, change reality, create artificial begins and empower others with great powers. He was also a playable character in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Second is Firebrand, the main character from the Gargoyle’s Quest series. He is a mighty red gargoyle-like demon that has apparently lived for over a millennia. He belongs to a race of gargoyle demons known as Red Arremers, considered the elite warriors of devil king Astaroth due to their skills in the arts of war. He has massive claws, powerful wings and a reinforced skull for headbutting. He is also, as the name suggests, a master of fire breathing magic. He, too, was a playable character in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

With Gamescom 2017 scheduled to take place at the end of the month, it almost with certainty that Capcom will be present to showcase footage of the two new characters in action. It will be interesting to see how they both use the new Infinite Gems system to boost their respective abilities. If we are very lucky, the developer might even take the opportunity to announce something new for the upcoming brawler as well.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will hit shelves on September 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.