Destiny 2 Beta Drops Hints on the Game’s Microtransaction Model

Activision has fully embraced the ‘Games as a Service model’, Gone are the days when they would release a game and then add maps and content for free in the form of patches. Nowadays, DLCs are kings. Microtransactions rule the gaming world. A format popularized by League of Legends, it has now been adopted by practically every major game developer in one form or the other.

In many cases such as that of Call of Duty 4: Remastered we saw the Paid DLC model fail massively as the execution was botched by Activision. However, we also saw the same model flourish in many other Activision games. In the Fiscal year 2017 alone, Activision raked in $1.68 Billion from live services. Destiny was one of the games which contributed to that success.

The Destiny 2 Beta was recently launched and it showed a return of the Eververse Trading Company. This also means that the silver currency which was used in the original Destiny will probably make a return, as will the purchasable emotes and other content.

The beta also confirms the fact that every single piece of weaponry and armor can be customized with shaders. This is great as it will allow players to completely personalize their character and adds a depth to the customization options.

In my personal opinion, the one major change that Activision should make is to make the process of character customization more streamlined and easier to understand. I do not think anyone wants to spend countless hours just understanding the minor convolutions of an overly complex mTx model.

If they change the way microtransactions are structured in the original Destiny, I am sure they will be able to convince a lot more fans to spend money on them in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is probably one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Let us know what you think about its transaction model and how it fares against other AAA titles in the comments below!

Via: TweakTown.