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Bungie Reveals Destiny 2 File Size For The Xbox One: 29.15 Gigabytes

Bungie has revealed the Destiny 2 file size, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a very big game (29.15 gigs), even in spite of everything that you’ll reportedly be able to do in it. However, keep in mind this is just the base game; the expansions will require more room.

Destiny 2 promises to be even bigger and better than the original shooter that Destiny released back in 2014. Despite middling reviews at that point, with reviewers criticizing the bad story, the lack of content, and the grinding. However, Bungie appears to be addressing those complaints in the sequel.

To start off with, there will be a much more focused story; Destiny 2’s main storyline will focus around the fall of the Last City to an army of Cabal known as the Red Legion, who capture the Traveler and strip the Guardians of their powers. Now the players must hunt down the three Vanguard commanders to take back the City and save the Traveler.

The Destiny 2 file size will comprise all of the various weapons that players will be using over the course of the game, along with the game’s story mode, the Crucible game modes, and the expansive game areas such as the European Dead Zone, the planetoid Nessus, Saturn’s moon Titan, and Jupiter’s moon Io. Players will also encounter a number of special dungeons that can be entered over the course of Patrol mode, showing off even more content.

And that’s just the base game. The various expansions that Destiny 2 will most likely have are all going to add a large amount of new content to the game, including new weapons, new areas, and new events.

So, if you have the memory to deal with the Destiny 2 file size, you don’t have anything to worry about with Destiny 2. Just be sure that you can also handle the expansions.