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WWE Tap Mania Tips and Strategies Guide – Boss Battles, Money Farming, Tapping Tips

In this WWE Tap Mania Tips and Strategies Guide, we will guide you how to play WWE Tap Mania. We also have some really cool tips and strategies for you and also some cheats which will allow you to earn money without even playing the game.

All this is explained in our WWE Tap Mania Tips and Strategies Guide. WWE Tap Mania is an idle tapping game and is quite fun to play. It is quite easy but yet it requires some learning and strategies so that you can win against enemies and defeat bosses hence this WWE Tap Mania Tips and Strategies Guide is here for you.

WWE Tap Mania Tips and Strategies Guide

WWE Tap Mania Tips and Strategies Guide details everything that you need to know to win and conquer the toughest bosses in WWE Tap Mania.

WWE Tap Mania Tips and Strategies Guide

How to Tap

Although WWE Tap Mania is an idle tapping game, tapping indeed helps you and it will actually help you win the battles quickly rather than waiting for a long time. You can tap at a steady pace or use two fingers to tap quickly. Alternate between both fingers and tap quickly.

This will cause you to deal great amounts of damage quickly. Therefore, it up to you how you want to tap. The game does not force you to follow a regular tapping pattern. You have the option to be idle tapper, steady tapper or two-finger tapper.

Complete Your Roster

You start with basic wrestlers while better heroes are yet to be unlocked. As you progress through the game, you will earn more wrestlers as you beat them in the game. These are however lower level wrestlers and will not really make much of the difference on your team.

To unlock better and rarer wrestlers you will need Wrestler Shards. When you beat a rare wrestler in a fight, you will win their shards however, different wrestlers have different shared requirements and for some wrestlers, you might need to beat them more times so that you can unlock their shards.

An easy way instead of grinding is by paying for premium wrestler packs using real life money but that is the expensive but easy way. If you do not wish to dish out real life money then you can try completing different challenges offered by the game to win more shards so you can buy the premium wrestler packs. It is necessary that you have good wrestlers in your team so keep switching to better and better wrestlers as you unlock them.

Boss Battles

During the campaign, you will come across many bosses that will really test your mettle. Before tackling these bosses, make sure your team is considerably leveled up and all members are equal in levels. This will really help you in beating the bosses on WWE Tap Mania.

To beat boss battles easily, you can use 2 fingers to tap. Alternate between both fingers to tap quickly and you will end up doing massive damage to the boss. The faster you tap, the faster you will defeat the boss. However, if you tap too wildly you might end up closing the game or taping something that might disrupt the boss battle and cause you to start all over again. Therefore, it is recommended that you tap fast but carefully.

Charge Up!

Boss battles are tough. You will need to be in top condition in order to tackle the bosses. Make sure you are fully charged up; all the abilities and skills are fully charged up before you enter a boss fight. This will greatly your chances of winning and will make sure you make quick work of the boss battle. If you go to a boss battle unprepared, you will not be able to beat the boss. No point playing with weaklings.

Team Up!

WWE Tap Mania gives you the option of creating a team to handle the baddies in the ring. You will have one main character and four support characters. There are four slots, which can be filled with more wrestlers so you can go in battles as a team. Five is better than one so make sure your team is well balanced and prepared for fights as the boss battles really test your mettle.

A well-balanced team will take you very far ahead in the game. As you unlock more and better wrestlers, keep them adding to your team to make it better on the go. You can switch wrestlers at will by simply watching an ad video. Although your first switch is in the game and is, free.

Grab the Free Rewards

WWE Tap Mania offers most rewards free of cost or simply watching a video. Everything is WWE Tap Mania can be obtained by just watching ads. The game rewards you if you play it daily just like most of the games nowadays.

This is a totally free reward and you should try to get it every day. You will also have the option to unlock some game achievements, which will give you bonus gold, which is the premium currency of the game. Most of these achievements are based on progress and you will unlock them rather easily.

WWE Tap Mania also give you free packs after 4 hours so make sure you grab them too for goodies. However, to unlock wrestler shards, you must defeat them again or earn more premium wrestler packs. WWE Mania Tips has the most video ads options when compared with any game. Tap the briefcase to earn rewards when it appears, spin the wheel whenever it is available and you will keep on earning free rewards.

Earn without Playing

WWE Tap Mania is an idle tapping game meaning even when you are not playing the game, your wrestler will be fighting more and more wrestlers. So if you are stuck with low money, simply leave your game for several hours and when you are back in the game, your wrestler will have beaten quite some wrestlers and a reward will be waiting for you.

This concludes our WWE Tap Mania Tips and Strategies Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!