Pokemon Go Moltres Guide – Counters, How to Defeat, Strengths and Weaknesses

Pokemon Go Moltres Guide will help players select their team of Pokemon to perfectly counter Moltres and defeat the raid boss by keeping in mind its strengths and exploiting the weaknesses.

Niantic recently added in a new Legendary Pokemon, Moltres, as a raid boss in Pokemon Go. This Fire and Flying type Pokemon has a raid boss CP of 28,000 and a Max Capture CP of 3,272. As can be expected from a legendary raid boss, Moltres in Pokemon Go can be a challenge to take on even if players have the right counters.

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Pokemon Go Moltres Guide

In our Pokemon Go Moltres Guide, we’ve detailed everything about Moltres, its strengths, & its weaknesses.

Pokemon Go Moltres

Moltres is vulnerable to Rock, Electric and Fire type Pokemon so players should make sure they have those in their team. With either one of these types, players can deal considerably more damage to Moltres and if they are lucky, they might even get to capture it for their own use.

An ideal pick for the team would be Golem thanks to its Rock Throw and Stone Edge abilities. Similarly, Omastar’s Rock Throw and Rock Slide can also be useful alongside Feraligatr’s Water Gun and Hydro Pump.

Basically, any high-quality Pokemon with those moves can be highly useful against the Legendary Moltres. However, since the damage of Rock type Pokemon almost doubles when fighting Moltres, it is a better idea to use those if players have the option.

When going up against Moltres, players should keep the following Pokemon types away from the battle as they are extremely weak against this Fire and Flying type so fighting with them would not only be pointless but also costly.

Takes 50% extra damage from Moltres.

50% extra damage from Moltres.

Takes 70% extra damage from Moltres.

Takes 71% extra damage from Moltres.

Takes 71% extra damage from Moltres.

As long as players avoid Pokemon which have either of these above types as their main and try to fight Moltres with Rock type Pokemon like Golem or Tyranitar, they shouldn’t have too much trouble in weakening the boss and potentially capturing the legendary Moltres for their own use.

This is all we’ve in our Pokemon Go Moltres Guide. If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!