NZXT Confirms Cooler Support for Ryzen Threadripper via Kraken X61, X52, and X62

NZXT, the popular name in PC hardware chassis and cooling solutions, confirmed today that its all-in-One liquid cooling solutions namely Kraken X61, Kraken X52 and Kraken X62 coolers will support the new AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors in the TR4 socket.

AMD will provide compatible retention brackets with the new PIB CPUs they added. NZXT claims that they will be able to provide sufficient cooling with the High-End Desktop processors such as the Ryzen Threadripper series.

This is a good news for AIO solution lovers since water cooling ensures controlled temperatures on peak loads. Considering the fact that AMDs Threadripper CPUs will run with 8-16 cores and respective threads.

The ending result would be a lot of drawn power and a lot of heat generation. Liquid cooling all in one loop prove to be fairly effective. Judging from a consumer’s statement that his X1700 Threadripper stays under 65c on peak loads, and idles at 35c-40c.

Coming down to the Kraken AIO coolers the most popular ones are the X62 and the X52 with similar features including RGB lighting customization, 6-year warranty, CAM powered for complete software controls. The X62 costs $10 extra for a 280mm liquid cooler standing at $160. The X61 costs $140, comes with a 280mm liquid cooler and CAM controls but no LED lights customization feature and large tower support with 16′ tubing for convenient installation.

The compatible retention brackets will ensure hassle free installation of the AIO coolers and will enable hardware enthusiasts to achieve peak potential of their hardware. But is it value for money if compared to the after-market Heat sink fans considering the price tags if you’re an overclocker? We leave it on you to decide.