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Gigantic Beginner’s Guide – Guardians, Team Composition, Creatures

In this Gigantic Beginner’s Guide, we will help you understand the basic mechanics of this unique MOBA and share some tips and tricks so that you can play the game easily. Gigantic is an MOBA but has some very cool and unique features that have never been seen before in an MOBA game.

We have curated this Gigantic Beginner’s Guide so that we can help you in understanding the basic concept and all the new features introduced in the game so that you can easily own the competition. We have made sure that this Gigantic Beginner’s Guide is thorough and covers all the elements necessary for the understanding of the game.

Gigantic Beginner’s Guide

Gigantic Beginner’s Guide details everything that you need to know about Gigantic.

Gigantic Beginner’s Tips and Strategies

Understand the Concept of Gigantic

As stated above, Gigantic is an MOBA. There are a number of unique heroes and you battle on different maps to kill enemy heroes and be the very best. However, Gigantic is no ordinary MOBA.

What you need to know is that in Gigantic, you are basically killing enemy heroes to power up your Guardian which will eventually help you win the game. You can summon creatures to help you in this feat. The guardian will help you defeat the enemy guardian after which you will win the game.

This is the basic concept of the game. So before we start to explain to you any other element of the game, it is very important that you know the basic concept of the game.


Guardians play a vital role in Gigantic. Your main role in Gigantic is to power up your Guardian so it can help you in defeating the enemy Guardian. There are two Guardians in the game at this point and one of them is assigned to a team. Your main goal is to power up the Guardian so that it can charge and attack the enemy Guardian.

You can power up your Guardian by numerous ways. One of them is by killing enemy heroes. As you kill enemy heroes, you will earn power which will power up your Guardian. You can also power it up by killing enemy creatures or capturing power orbs scattered across the map. If you want to win the match, make sure you are always looking for ways to power up your Guardians as the first one to power up their Guardian mostly win the match. The power meter on the screen will represent you the current power level.

Building your Team

Just like any other MOBA game, Gigantic is a team-based game and is best played with a team of players who know what they have to do. Your team must have a variety of multi-role heroes that can perform different duties during the match. Gigantic offers different classes of heroes such as tanks, healers and support characters just like any other MOBA game.

A team with heroes of diverse roles ensure that the whole team can support each other during tough times. The tanks can deal and take damage. Healers can heal while support characters can perform multi tasks to support other players. Always play as a part of the team otherwise; you will not survive in the game.


Another unique feature introduced in Gigantic is the introduction of support creatures. You can spawn these creatures anywhere in the game and they will help you win the game. They are excellent support characters and they will get you out of many difficult situations.

Each creature in Gigantic has a unique ability that will prove very beneficial for you in the battle. Some provide healing while some will collect and defend power orbs for you. Use them wisely and strategically and you will have a consistent and reliable partner throughout the game. After spawning the creature, you can evolve in in a further advanced form.
When the creature is spawned, it is in young form.

In this stage, it will require some assistance from you in things such as defending itself. You must try to protect it from enemy attacks as it is still in young form. Later in the game, you can keep on collecting Focus Charges, which will allow you to upgrade your creature to the adult form. In adult form, it will be very helpful to you so make sure you protect it in early stages so it can make it to the adult form.

General Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Your Guardian and the creatures that are spawned on the map are all controlled by the AI so you do not need to worry about their movement. All you need to do is protect them until they become powerful enough.

The computer will handle all their movements and actions, you need to make sure you are ready to move with them especially with the Guardian when it is about to charge towards the enemy Guardian. Be ready to move with your Guardian and once it has captured the enemy Guardian, blast it with firepower and your team is strong enough, you can defeat it in one shot.

Sometimes the game will not work out in your favor and your enemy will be able to power up their Guardian before you, in such a condition, your sole purpose must be to defend your Guardian at all costs.

While doing so, make sure you stay alive and try to take out as many enemy heroes as possible and try to power up your own Guardian during such situations. Do not panic if the enemy Guardian is powered up before yours. There is still a chance to win if you play it right.

This is an MOBA. Your best chances of survival are in a team-based game. In addition, a good team playing in synergy will be able to power up their Guardian much quickly rather than a dysfunctional team.

A good team will support each other, heal weak teammates and stronger ones can take massive amounts of damage when the going gets tough so you must play the game as part of a team. Try to invite along a few friends to really enjoy the benefits of team-playing.

This concludes our Gigantic Beginner’s Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!