Fable Fortune Beginner’s Guide – Choosing a Class, Deck Building Tips, Completing Quests

In this Fable Fortune Beginner’s Guide, we will teach you how to play Fable Fortune and its different core elements. We have listed all the major elements with detailed instructions, tips, and strategies in this Fable Fortune Beginner’s Guide.

Fable Fortune is currently in early access and soon it will be available as a full game so we have curated this guide to help you play the early access of the game. We will be telling you about building the perfect decks, selecting quests, different classes and other important elements in this Fable Fortune Beginner’s Guide.

Fable Fortune Beginner’s Guide

Fable Fortune Beginner’s Guide details everything you need to know to understand the basics and some advanced mechanics of Fable Fortune.

Choose a Class

In Fable Fortune, there is a total of six classes from which you can choose your cards and build a deck from. These are Merchant, Shapeshifter, Prophet, Knight, Gravedigger, and Alchemist. All of these classes are unique and they have their own unique card pools. Your first step before you build your deck is choosing your class. Your deck will contain cards from the chosen class.

To choose a class, you must first practice with all the classes and see which one suits you the best. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. Playing with each class will make you understand their strengths and weaknesses of all the classes. After you have played with each class, select the class that suits you best and you can easily adjust with.

The game really gives you the freedom to choose a class as each class has totally unique skills and abilities, the decks will also be unique and no two classes with ever have the same card. Therefore, you must carefully choose a class that suits your playstyle and build a deck from it.

Building a Deck

Since Fable Fortune is a collectible card game, you will be spending a lot of time building the perfect deck. In Fable Fortune, you can build a deck with 30 cards with an exception of neutral cards. Anyone can use these neutral cards. Your deck depends on the cards from the class that you chose before building a deck. After you have chosen your class, it is time to build your perfect deck.

Now, while building a deck, you must keep in mind that you must have a card of every nature. Early game cards, mid game cards, and late game cards.

The perfect deck will always have ample cards for every time. Cards require gold which serves as a mana like a mechanic. Each card will have a specific gold requirement with weaker cards requiring 1-3 gold coins and the strongest ones requiring around 6 gold.

Having a perfect balance of cards in your deck is vital for winning matches. When you have a card of every nature in your deck, you can easily counter your enemy’s moves and can totally own the competition. Build a deck that is within your gold range and can be effective against different types of opponents. Only then, you can win at this game since your deck will be your main weapon against opponents.

Selecting Quests

Quests are additional requirements that are very rewarding and you try to complete as much as possible while playing Fable Fortune. Whenever a game is starting, you will be presented with a screen that will have numerous quests on it that you can choose to complete during that match.

These quests are related to playing the game and all will ask you to perform simple tasks such as summoning a specific type of card a specific number of times. Once you complete a quest, you will earn rewards for it.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you opt for and try to complete as many quests as possible. The rewards range from free unit cards to level up your heroes. Therefore, these quests are totally worth doing. Choose quests that will require you to do minimum work so they are easy to complete and will not hinder you much while playing the game.

Use Guard to your Advantage

If you did not know, Guard is an advanced feature added in the game and you can order nearly every unit card to block. This is a very handy feature and it can help you get out of many tricky situations.

When your move is ending, you can order a unit card to stand Guard. It can guard a more valuable card or a general area. This is a very useful feature and you must use it often to get an advantage over the competition.

However, although it is a very useful feature, you must use it wisely and use it only when you know you can use it to your full advantage. Never block all the attacks as sometimes it might backfire and your strategy will fail. Careful use of Guard is highly recommended.

General Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Fable Fortune is very generous in rewarding you. It rewards you in different ways. It rewards you for playing the match whether you win or lose. You will win a reward nonetheless. Every match you play is a guaranteed reward. However, the condition for this is that you must complete the match. If you start a match but you leave in the middle, you will not get the match reward. So make sure you stick until the end for the reward.

Another way the game rewards you is by playing daily. Simply play the game daily, log in the servers after 24 hours and you will be eligible for the daily prize. Play fair and play every day and you will be rewarded well by the game.

The game also has a co-op system where you and your friends or a computer controlled AI can play against opponents together. Therefore, if you are bored playing all alone, give co-op mode a shot and you will receive your friend’s help in difficult missions. Playing with friends is recommended rather than playing with computer AI because the game is still in early access and the AI is not up to par yet.

This concludes our Fable Fortune Beginner’s Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!