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Expect More Hot-Fixes for League of Legends Than Before

For the longest of time, League of Legends has set a precedence to receive two major updates after every two or three weeks. In the best case scenario, the community is always expecting changes twice every month. This has proven to be a debatable subject as the meta could shift as soon as it has been set. However, that is what Riot Games believes to be best for its beloved game.

A hot-fix is aimed at immediately addressing issues brought forward by patches or updates. In the past, several updates have introduced bugs or glitches that the developer squashed soon after. At the same time, the developer also has the option of waiting until the next major update before addressing the problems. The concern behind regular hot-fixes is that they could easily bring about more issues than what it was supposed to fix.

Posting on the official forums, lead gameplay designer Andrei “Meddler” van Roon stated that the League of Legends community should expect more hot-fixes in the future because the development team has managed to make several technical improvements to the game. This ensures stability and safer updates.

“Frequency of those hotfixes is likely to higher around big patches, such as 7.15 or pre-season, both because there’s more things to potentially need correction and because those are generally the times where we’ve had a bit less time for gameplay testing on any given change,” reads the announcement.

While this is good news for everyone, it also births the reason to push more updates than before. A champion that suddenly became overwhelming in one patch may cause players to be vocal about Riot Games releasing a hot-fix for balance. No one would be willing to spend time in learning counters for the supposed overwhelming changes. In addition, it also gives the development team a second opportunity to fix what it may have messed up the first time.