Destiny 2 Rating Is “T” For Teen, On Account of Violent Scenes

The Destiny 2 rating has finally been established by the ESRB, and like its predecessor the game is getting a “T” for Teen rating for various scenes of violence. This likely means that the sort of violent content we’ll get in this game is the same as the previous one.

The ESRB, the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, is responsible for rating the content of every video game released in the United States, ranging from C for Early Childhood all the way up to A for Adults Only. Parents are encouraged to look on the back of game boxes to get a general idea of what children will be exposed to when they play the game.

Destiny 2 doesn’t really have very much frightening stuff going for it, but the ESRB’s statement on the game explains the Destiny 2 rating.

Among other things, such as the vicious aliens, gunfire, explosions, and dramatic space battles, the ESRB ratings statement also mentioned characters being strangled, stabbed, shot, and electrocuted, which we can see in everyday gameplay.

We could see the sort of content that brought about the Destiny 2 rating all over the game’s beta, which ended last week and took us through the first story mission, one of the game’s strikes, and two game modes in the Crucible.

A little while after the beta became available for everyone, the game’s social space (the Farm) also became available to explore for an hour.

There’s bound to be a lot more stuff similar to the original game in Destiny 2, and with luck Bungie will have learned from its mistakes with the first game and make an engrossing story to go along with the gameplay.

The lack of a real story was one of the main complaints of the original game, and Bungie has made improving it a priority in Destiny 2.