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Blizzard Adds Mustache to Every Character in Heroes of the Storm

PTR servers of every game are expected to have bugs and Heroes of the Storm is no different but sometimes these bugs can lead to hilarious results. Whether intentional or not, this new Heroes of the Storm bug is one such incident.

After the game’s latest PTR patch, players noticed something odd about the characters in Heroes of the Storm. Turns out, someone in the design team seems to have added mustache to every character in the current playable roster. Given how the design of the facial hair differs for each character, it is possible that this is more than just a bug related to shadows.

The images in the gallery below show just some of the characters who are now sporting facial hair in Heroes of the Storm PTR servers. In the case of some characters like Kaelthas, who can be expected to go in a slump after his numerous advances towards Jaina are met with a cold shoulder, seeing characters like Kerrigan and Valeera sporting some fancy goatee and mustaches is hilarious.

Blizzard’s official response on the matter also seems to be a comedic one instead of trying to shed some proper light on what this issue could be

It tested through the roof with the high school math teacher demographic.

Next patch we’ll be exploring mutton chops and other fun sideburns!

Heroes of the Storm managed to gain a lot of popularity and grow its player base after Heroes of the Storm 2.0 revival occurred. Despite not being as big as some other MOBAs out there, the game still tends to draw a significant niche crowd. Combined with Blizzard’s partnership with Facebook, the game seems to have a good future for it and might not end up getting shuttered like Infinite Crisis or Strife.