Beyond Good And Evil 2 Director Explains F-Bombs, Developing Characters

One of the most-talked about moments at E3 was when Beyond Good and Evil 2 finally got a trailer, finally breathing life into a sequel that many had given up for dead. Now, Beyond Good and Evil 2 director Michael Ancel gave us some details behind the writing process and the characters.

Another thing that a lot of people noticed in the Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer was how much swearing there was, specifically all of the different F-bombs that were dropped, which was odd for a series whose first game was originally rated 7+. However, Ancel had something of an explanation for that.

According to the Beyond Good and Evil 2 director there were a number of reasons as to why the characters spoke like that, and it mainly had to do with the characters themselves. As the characters in question were mob bosses and space pirates, it sort of makes sense that they wouldn’t talk as cleanly as a journalist trying to unravel a conspiracy.

The team was able to get away with this in a rather ironic way, considering how the game’s plot revolves around the aforementioned space pirates searching for “true freedom”. The development team was able to get away with having the characters swear so much because they were given a lot of freedom on how to work with the game.

However, considering that Beyond Good and Evil came out in 2003, a full fourteen years ago, it’s likely that everyone who played it back then has grown up just as much. The reaction to all of the swearing is likely a reaction more to what they see as a poorly handled attempt to be edgy, rather than the team writing for the backgrounds of their characters.

Either way, you can see how much the Beyond Good and Evil 2 director’s words hold up when the game releases, hopefully sometime in the next few years.