Why AMD RX Vega CrossFire Capabilities Were Not Mentioned At SIGGRAPH 2017

When the Polaris GPUs were announced there was a lot of talk about how dual RX 480s in CrossFire could provide performance similar to the GTX 1080. It has been noted that AMD RX Vega CrossFire capabilities were not mentioned at the reveal. We have seen the CrossFire scaling of Vega FE and that was almost perfect.

Seeing how well the Vega FE scales when 2 GPUs are put in CrossFire one can imagine how well the AMD RX Vega gaming GPUs would scale but AMD is shying away from the idea of running multiple GPUs. While AMD RX Vega Crossfire is supported and you can use multiple GPUs, the lack of developer support has caused the company to back away from marketing the feature.

AMD has also noted that fewer people are interested in having multiple GPUs. It is much easier to upgrade to a better GPU rather than buy the same one and run 2 in SLI or CrossFire. A single GPUs has better support and the price to performance ratio is also better as compared to SLI or CrossFire. Nvidia has also brought SLI support down to 2 GPUs.

While there are ways of using more than 2 GPUs Nvidia recommends using only 2 GPUs in SLI. If you do not know how SLI or CrossFire works then what you need to know is that adding another GPU does not mean that you will double the performance.

In ideal cases that should happen but this is the real world and at best you will get 1.5 times the performance and even that is something very rare. You can click here to check out everything that happened at the AMD Vega launch event and learn more and AMD Vega based GPUs.

let us know what you think about AMD RX Vega CrossFire capabilities not being marketed and whether or not you think this is the right move for AMD.