The Long Dark Survival Guide – Gathering Loot, Weather Changes, Hunting

This The Long Dark Survival Guide should help players with some useful tips to prepare them for the early hours of the game to ensure they are well prepared for the long run through the massive 30 square kilometer map.

The Long Dark is set to leave Early Access tomorrow and with that, players might need help navigating the cold wilderness of the game and surviving as long as possible. Since the game is a single-player survival, there is no one to help the players through the early hours and they must use their wits and will to scavenge, survive the weather and wild animals.

The Long Dark Survival Guide

In our The Long Dark Survival Guide, we’ve detailed some tips that should help you survive for as long as possible.

The Long Dark Survival Guide

Gathering Loot

Before actually dropping in the game world, players will have to select a difficulty. The details of each difficulty will be given on the selection page so players can make an informed choice about what they are comfortable with.

Once players are finally in the game, they need to prioritize gathering loot since the early few hours aren’t very grueling and players can survive the weather and hunger/thirst for some time.

However, as players move through areas, the conditions become harsher and they need to be prepared for it. That is why, players should make sure they loot every supply source they see for canned goods, water, tools and incendiary supplies to start a fire for lighting and warmth.

As can be expected, big buildings like the Dam are filled with a lot of good loot but the smaller towns and seemingly empty areas like the Coastal Highway shouldn’t be ignored. The highway has a lot of abandoned cars which are usually filled with snacks and clothes. Players should make sure they search these cars thoroughly by checking all the seats and opening up the trunk.

Once players find a good enough building to use as their safe camp for a while, they will need to head out for supply runs. In such cases, it is best to leave behind most of the tools to clear up inventory space. This extra space will be needed when bringing back more resources. Before heading out, players should also take some extra basic supplies in case of emergency should the storm pick up.

In houses and other similar buildings, players can shred curtains with their hands to make pieces of cloth which can be used to craft bandages and repair damaged clothes with sewing kits. The toilets and basins in these houses are also good sources of water to saves players the hassle of using fire supplies to melt snow.

Weather Patterns

The weather changes a lot in The Long Dark and players need to learn how to predict it and have effective counters against it should the weather pick up when they are out exploring. Before venturing out, players should always check the sky for a bit to analyze the weather pattern.

If the sky is clear, they should have no trouble exploring however if there is some wind and light snow, it is possible that a blizzard might be on the way. In this case, it is best to stay indoors but if players absolutely have to go out, they should take storm lanterns with them.

Sources of fire are highly useful during harsh weathers, even if players are indoors. For this reason, players should always have some resources to start a fire in their inventory. A fire can be made in fireplaces, barrels, and campfires outside.

Players can break down branches to make firewood and this will be the main source to keep the fire alive. Similarly, players will also come up on small sticks across the grounds which can be efficient fuel as 20 sticks can last a long time. Players can also use papers sources like newspaper and books for fire. However, it is best to harvest them and make tinder plugs.

Clothing & its Effects

While clothing can ensure players don’t freeze to death, even without a blizzard, it also reduces their movement speed. Players need to a strike a perfect balance between warmth and movement speed.

If the difference between heavy clothes and light ones that offer much more mobility is only a couple of degrees, it is best to go with the light clothes since the temperature difference isn’t enough to affect the players severely.

Hunting Food!

While players can find canned food, it isn’t unlimited and eventually, they will need to hunt animals. To be successful at hunting, players need to learn to distinguish nearby wildlife signs by searching the sky or looking at footprints on the ground.

It is never a good idea to hunt bigger animals like wolves, especially without weapons as the danger is just too much unless players absolutely need something from them. Bears will almost instantly kill the players so players need to learn the different footprints of these big animals.

On the other hand, players can easily find rabbits and kill them with stones for some easy meat. Similarly, they can also look for carcasses for some easy meat. Crows circle carcasses and should be easy to spot if players keep an eye out on the skies.

This is all we’ve in our The Long Dark Survival Guide. If there’s anything else that you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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