Tekken 7 PC Hot-Fix Reverts Black Colors for Customization

A minor update was pushed on Steam before the start of the weekend, bringing changes that previously arrived for the console versions of Tekken 7.

According to the patch notes, the developer has brought back darker colors for the customization mode. In addition, certain issues with some alternate costumes in regards to coloring has been fixed.

The time taken for players to find opponents in all modes has been reduced by a small factor. Information on opponents that was previously visible during matchmaking has been hidden so that players do not intentionally disconnect in order to find more suitable match-ups for improved winning probabilities. The menu and navigation has been tweaked to reduced sluggish behavior and players can finally opt for revenge matches in ranked play as many times as they want.

The complete patch notes are as follows:

  • The black color for customization is now set to true black again and the issues with some character’s alternate costumes are fixed.
  • Improved matchmaking timing in all online modes.
  • Player’s information including character, wins, grade and title are no longer displayed during matchmaking
  • Removed Match Lists following the improvement in matchmaking.
  • Improved menu and navigation in Player Match. The change notably allow players to leave sessions more easily.
  • Lifted the restriction on revenge matches in Ranked Match, to enables unlimited revenge matches.
  • Fixed a revenge match related issue where the opponent’s name could change upon having revenge matches.

During the Evolution Championship Series (EVO 2017) this month, the developer Geese Howard as the latest downloadable character for Tekken 7. The guest appearance is the chief antagonist of the Fatal Fury series, but has also undertaken the villainous role in other fighting franchises such as The King of Fighters and The Art of Fighting as well.

Geese will release for Tekken 7 this fall and a precise release date will be mentioned later on. He will arrive with a brand new stage, his very own Geese Tower.