Splatoon 2 Salmon Run Guide – Tips, Weapon Selection, Understanding Salmon Run

In this Splatoon 2 Salmon Run Guide, we have explained what Salmon Run is in Splatoon 2 and how you can ace this mode. We have gathered all the information about Salmon Run in our Splatoon 2 Salmon Run Guide so you can easily understand what the mode is and how it is played.

We have many tips and tricks for you as well as a detailed guide about all sorts of enemies plus strategies about how you can counter these enemies. So let us get started with our Splatoon 2 Salmon Run Guide.

Splatoon 2 Salmon Run Guide

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Splatoon 2 Salmon Run Guide details everything that you need to know about Salmon Run mode in Splatoon 2.

Splatoon 2 Salmon Run

What is Salmon Run?

Salmon Run is a fun mode and it like the Horde mode of many other shooting games. In Salmon Run, you can play with your 4 buddies or random people from around the world in a 100-second survival challenge against fish monsters. Every level has bosses as well that can be very tricky to kill.

Your main goal is to kill bosses and collect golden eggs that they drop and return them to your collection pods. Once you have collected a specific number of eggs, you will win the match. The condition of winning is that at least one of your teammates must be alive at all times. If all of the teammates die, you will fail the Salmon Run and will need to start again from the start.

Keep on Inking!

Your focus in Salmon Run is getting the golden eggs and returning them to your collection pod. To make sure you are easily managing it, you need to make sure that the ground is full of your ink.

With all the enemies and bosses in the game, your focus will be on many things at the same time so it is very common that you lose focus on inking the ground.
Inking the ground will make sure that you keep your mobility high and when you have the golden egg with you, you can easily head back to the collection pod and drop the egg without much problem.

Adjust to the External Conditions

The conditions in Salmon Run will never be the same. Sometimes you will have extreme weather conditions that will greatly affect your gameplay. Therefore, you must adjust according to the conditions that you face in the game.

These conditions could be Heavy Fog, High Tide, Low Tide and Night. Heavy Fog and Night will affect your visibility while High Tide and Low Tide will affect how you play the game. Always adjust your gameplay according to the conditions that the game throws at you.

Weapon Selection

For Salmon Run, you do not have any sort of freedom of what weapon you can choose to play with. When the mode starts, it will give you an option of different weapons and you will have no option but to stick with these weapons for the rest of your mission.

To counter this annoying mechanic, you can simply practice with all weapons so that you are comfortable with using any weapon in this mode. You do not want to end up with weapons that you have never used before and had no clue about how to handle them.

Handling Bosses

In Salmon Run, you will come across nine different bosses. Each of the bosses has its own strength and weakness. You must exploit the weaknesses if you want to defeat all the bosses easily. All of the bosses have set attack patterns and they will repeat these patterns all the time. Learn these patterns and you will own them in no time.

Another tip for the bosses is that never delay attacking bosses for too long. Take them out on priority when they appear, as they will become very overwhelming coupled up with other enemies if you delay for too long. In some mission, chances are that there will be more than one boss on the level at the same time. In such situation, you and your teammates should focus on one boss at a single time and take one out before tackling the other one.

Play as a Team

The most important factor while playing Salmon Run is to play as a team. Have good coordination between one and other and always support others. Revive fallen players and keep on splatting the ground to create more paths for one and other.

Never leave your teammates behind an act alone as a hero. Salmon Run is seriously a team-based mode and it will be very hard if you act like a lone wolf. Support your team so they can support you as well in trouble. Make a strategy and then act on it. Take turns playing different roles such as attacking, defending and carrying eggs. This will make every stage more interesting and fun as well.

This concludes our Splatoon 2 Salmon Rush Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!