Upcoming Overwatch Summer Event Most Likely Lucioball, According to Achievements

While it was previously rumored that the upcoming Overwatch Summer event might be Doomfist related as suggested by the sound files, it seems like that is not going to be the case and Overwatch Summer Games 2016 might be making a return in the form of Lucioball.

Reddit user Ekultron discovered some new achievements on his Xbox One version of the game, all related to Lucioball. Since Xbox One shows global achievement stats, it also displayed that 0.00% of Overwatch players currently had this achievement which suggested that they were added quite recently and aren’t from last year’s Lucioball event.

There is currently no official announcement from Blizzard regarding the Overwatch Summer event but since these achievements were added with the latest patch, which introduced Doomfist to live servers, it would be safe to assume the event should be starting in a week or two.

Whether the new Summer event will completely follow last year’s trend or not remains to be seen. Hopefully, there are some new skins this time instead of just bringing back the old Summer Games cosmetics like Lucioball. Despite being a fun mode, barely a handful of Overwatch players would consider Lucioball as the best event brawl.

So far, we know very little about this Overwatch Summer event besides that it will bring in a fair amount of event exclusive cosmetics, including at least four items for Doomfist. A new Overwatch patch is currently in testing on PTR servers and will focus on improving Junkrat. It is possible that both this Junkrat patch and Summer Event will drop side by side next week.

Overwatch is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game boasts a player base of over 30 million across all platforms and recently released its 25th playable character, Doomfist, a melee damage dealer who might have been a part of the game’s launch roster had it not been for some design changes.