Report: Only 17% Of Nintendo Switch Users Use The Switch Smartphone App

Nintendo Switch’s hybrid design has been praised by many and the console itself has proved very successful for Nintendo. However, the console does not support voice chat and Nintendo Switch users are required to download the Switch smartphone app for voice chat and it seems that a majority of users are not liking it.

According to a report from app market analysts at Sensor Tower, Switch smartphone app was downloaded 780,000 times since the launch of Splatoon 2 on July 21. This indicates that roughly 17 percent of all Nintendo Switch owners have downloaded that app and it is likely that even less are using it.

Switch smartphone app is a must own for those who want to use the voice chat and voice chat is a must have featured in a team based game. However, it seems that the majority is avoiding the app and is not bothering with the voice chat.

Furthermore, Nintendo Switch users are not happy with the app as the app has a lot of negative reviews. The reviews for the app are overwhelmingly negative on both iOS and Android.

In related news, Nintendo Switch has started to get in the good graces of third-party devs and publishers and now Capcom is preparing to bring multiple titles to Switch after the success of Ultra Street Fighter 2 for Nintendo Switch.

According to Wall Street Journal writer, Takashi Mochizuki, Ultra Street Fighter 2 for Nintendo Switch sold 450,000 copies which is higher than Capcom’s expectations. Mochizuki added that Capcom is preparing to bring its multiple titles to Nintendo Switch.

Also, Minecraft Story Mode The Complete first season is coming to Nintendo Switch and it might not be the only Telltale game to launch for the hybrid console.

Telltale Games’ head of communications Job Stauffer revealed that there is a possibility of the Minecraft Season 2 coming to the hybrid console. According to Job, while the studio has not announced the second season for Switch but, hopes that it will be in the future.

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