New Vision Ping in League of Legends Must Be Accessed From Game Settings

In the wake of countless requests over the years, League of Legends is finally introducing a way for allies to warn each other about enemy vision.

The feature is currently available on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) in the form of a new ping that creates a red eye to caution players about the specific terrain being possibly warded or under the vision of the opposition.

However, the ping is not part of the in-game radial menu that is often used in every match to convey alerts such as “Danger, Enemy Missing, On My Way, and Assist Me.” Rather than adjusting the smart pings to make room for another, the developer has (via RiftHerald) included the new feature as an optional aspect.

In order to access the new vision ping, players must head into the settings of the game and manually designate a key. It can be found under Hotkeys as “Area is Warded” ping and is a very simple procedure.

League of Legends currently has no way to quickly inform teammates about an area that the enemy has vision on. Players mostly use the Danger (Exclamation Mark) ping to have players fall back, but that ping can also mean a number of other things. Hence, players have to ultimately rely on old fashioned typing.

The new ping should be make it very easy to warn friendly junglers about which path to take when they are inbound for a gank. A mere red eye will now be able to inform others as to whether or not the tri-bush or river is warded.

The new ping should make its way to the live servers of League of Legends with the next major patch, which should arrive in the coming weeks. In the mean time, get to know more about the next champion–Kayne–inbound for the game.