Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition Spotted, Includes Game And All The DLC

Just like the previous Battlefield games, it seems like Battlefield 1 is also getting a complete edition pretty soon. Amazon France recently leaked details regarding Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition which includes the Premium Pass and all the other DLC that is a part of the game.

According to the store listing, Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition will go on sale on 22nd August, will include the base game, Battlefield 1 Premium Pass and more. The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass itself contains four major expansions of the game, the latest of which In The Name of the Tsar will be releasing soon in September.

This listing also seems to coincide with the EA CEO Andrew Wilson’s latest financial conference call where he mentioned that the company will reveal the “richest Battlefield 1 experience yet” at Gamescom and EA’s Gamescom conference happens to be on 22nd August.

Given the immense popularity of Battlefield 1, despite all the issues and “casual” gameplay, the game still managed to go past 21 Million players. While the DLC expansions do tend to drive the community apart, complete editions of the game similar to Revolution Edition do tend to drive the sales even further since players are able to get the game and all DLCs for a considerably reduced price as compared to an individual purchase.

Of course, for those who aren’t interested in spending $60 again on the game, they will be able to buy the Premium Pass separately. On top of that, EA also introduced Premium Pass trial which allowed players access to the expansion maps to get an understanding of what the DLCs offer.

After the arrival of Battlefield 1 to Origin and EA Access, the game should see a surge in player count soon as fans will only need to purchase the DLCs for a complete experience of the game if they decide to get the subscription service.