Radeon Pro WX 9100 and Radeon Pro SSG Announced at SIGGRAPH

At the second annual SIGGRAPH event, AMD announced its professional graphics GPUs namely, Radeon Pro WX 9100 and Radeon Pro SSG, during the graphics cards defy convention. AMD claims the never seen before technology reduces or eliminates traditional content creation barriers, enhancing the creativity and productivity of Artists, Designers, Animators, Medical research and Engineering, Architecture etc.

Radeon Pro WX 9100 workstation graphics card is created to excel in media and entertainment workloads by AMD, delivering up to 12.3 TFLOPS of single precision compute performance.

This card uses 16GB of HBCC, HBM2 error correcting code (ECC) memory revolutionizing professional work precisions, since WX 9100 Pro is a significant improvement over AMD’s previous generation cards, boasting 51% more memory bandwidth.

AMD has added the Radeon Pro Render feature to the series of its professional cards, GPUOpen Alliance, and the ROCm development environment. They are already working with Adobe, Solidworks, 3ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D software certification support.

This means that we’re going to see glorious, more detailed, photo realistic animations in games, movies with shorter launch times than ever before. Since this tech ensures the processing and visualizing animated projects from a whole new window of possibilities.

Now developers can handle 8K rendering, VR, 360 video stitching workloads effortlessly on the Radeon Pro SSG. It empowers play back, manipulation, post processing and stitching of Raw 8k content.

Software like Adobe Premier pro which is a popular and versatile video editing software and Adobe After Effects that enable post processing of video effects and animations.

Before these, we were unable to utilize enough memory per frame per second, since a lot of texture needs to be processed and as per estimate each frame utilized 64GBs of memory where as the largest professional cards were capped with a 32GB version.

To enhance work productivity, difficult alterations need to be conducted by AMD. With the Radeon Pro SSG, AMD has come up with a brilliant solution. They added two ports in the form of m.2 SSD NAND Flash storage for extended memory support up to 2TBs. This will change the entire way professional development is being done in the digital content industry.

The WX series of cards are basically rebrands of the company’s RX 480, RX 470 and RX 460 although with professional driver support. The top end W9100 will cost 2199$ with 16GB of memory and Radeon Pro SSG will cost 7000$ MSRP.