Unlock Prince Arthas as Playable Paladin Hero in Hearthstone’s Next Expansion

For those who missed the original announcement, the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion pack will see the return of solo adventures in Hearthstone.

Players must defeat six bosses in the Icecrown Citadel to face off against the Lich King in a grand showdown. Earlier today, lead designer Dave Kosak revealed that defeating the lord of the Scourge with every class will unlock Prince Arthas as a playable hero for the Paladin class.

However, taking down the Lich King will not be easy. The final boss in the upcoming expansion pack for Hearthstone is very “serious and aggressive” and tailored to each of the nine classes. As an example, he will drop Mages down to one health at the beginning of every match. Against Paladins, he will resurrect defeated minions as undead versions for himself. In other words, the Lich King is designed to “cheat” and make the lives of players fairly difficult.

The new solo adventures will comprise a prologue missions and two wings. Successfully completing the former will reward players with a free random legendary hero card, while surviving the remaining wings will net a single Knights of the Frozen Throne card pack each.

“You may find that these are unlike the battles you’ve fought in the past,” warns the announcement. “The forces of Icecrown Citadel are dangerous, and only the determined will prevail.”

Prepare to meet Blood Queen Lana’thel, Professor Putricide, Sindragosa, Deathbringer Saurfang, Lord Marrowgar, and Lady Deathwhisper before standing against the Lich King.

Knights of the Frozen Throne will feature 135 new cards and is scheduled to release in mid-August. The Blizzard Shop has already started taking pre-orders. For $49.99, you will receive 50 card packs of the new expansion. In addition, owners will get access to the “soul-devouring” Frostmourne card back.