Play As Revolver Ocelot In Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain On August 1

Metal Gear has essentially dropped off the radar after its lackluster story and ending (not to mention the Konami incidents), but a new update allows you to play as Revolver Ocelot, one of the game’s major characters and one of your mission control. However, he’s only available in the game’s FOB mode.

While Revolver Ocelot isn’t customizable like your personal version of Punished Snake, he does have a number of different perks. Not only does he reload faster and have better camouflage, he can also duel-wield revolvers and ricochet bullets off of other surfaces.

The Metal Gear Solid 5 FOB mode is the game’s main multiplayer component, which allows players to infiltrate the Mother Bases of other players in order to steal various resources and damage the base. Players can build nuclear weapons to defend their bases and make them immune to attack, but unless you go offline, the mechanic can’t be switched off.

This turned out to be one of the many criticisms people had with The Phantom Pain.

The update that will allow players to play as Revolver Ocelot will be coming out on August 1, and will be the first patch that the game has had in a year; the last time Konami patched the game was in August of last year, likely pointing towards how they backed off from Triple-A games during their falling out with Hideo Kojima.

Since then there has been almost nothing Metal Gear-related that wasn’t pachinko, and even Metal Gear Survive, a zombie game that takes place in some alternate dimension where survivors from Mother Base went after the base’s destruction, has essentially fallen off the face of the Earth.

If you’re one of those people that still plays Metal Gear Solid 5, come August 1 you’ll be able to log on and play as Revolver Ocelot in the game’s FOB mode.