Optimized Look of Operators Next for Operation Health in Rainbow Six Siege

Operation Health continues to improve the current status of Rainbow Six Siege in various aspects and in doing so, address issues brought forward by players.

A couple of days back, the developer revealed the first phase in a three-part series to “clean up” the game. This involves tackling inconsistent lighting in most maps featured in Rainbow Six Siege. Earlier today, the developer shared the second phase in that same initiative to deal with the optimization and look of operators.

Operator Uniformity
The textures currently being used for every operator in the game add up to a large value that utilize significant memory. With Operation Health, Ubisoft is setting a threshold to make sure every operator takes up a consistent memory budget. This will not only result in better performance but also better quality for textures.

“The impact on the player will be a better experience overall with fewer crashes,” said technical director Olivier Couture. “At the same time it allowed us to slightly improve their quality.”

Elite Uniforms
As the most expensive cosmetic upgrades in Rainbow Six Siege, the developer considers it extremely important that they look the part as well. The optimization of operators will also cover Elite Uniforms as well, making them appear sharper and more profound than before.

Face Rigging
Ubisoft is not just focused on improving the quality of clothes and wares of operators. The developer is also taking the opportunity of Operation Health to address the faces of the character models.

So far, the face of every operator has been built on a facial rigging system that controls various parts when a reaction hits them. The developer is moving past that to give operators more personality and feel. This will result in better faces with more äccurately aligned points of movement” and most importantly, “less derpy Valkyrie faces.”

Rainbow Six Siege has not seen any new content since February. The Hong Kong DLC was delayed by the developer in favor of Operation Health to address pressing issues in the game.