League of Legends’ Runes Reforged Offers Three New Wards

The Runes Reforged initiative deals with all kinds of gameplay aspects, including the very important mechanic of controlling vision in League of Legends.

This week, the developer shared more information on the runic path of Domination. It focuses on stalking prey and taking out targets quickly. The tracking portion deals with new upgrades for wards that go with different types of gameplay.

Zombie Ward
Upon destroying an enemy ward, a friendly ward is placed in its place that grants vision for the next 180 seconds. It is important to note that this does not count towards your ward limit.

In other words, the more enemy wards you destroy, the more vision you deny the opposition while increasing the same for your own side.

Watchful Poro
Entering a brush causes a friendly poro to appear that stays behind to grant you vision until an enemy champion scares it away or you enter a new brush.

It should come in real handy for jungerls, especially those who like to invade the opposing side and steal away buffs. Leaving behind a poro for vision could essentially be a safeguard against ganks and patroling enemies.

Trophy Collector
Players gain +1 Ability Power or +0.7 Attack Damage when they or their allies kill an enemy champion or enemy ward nearby.

This should act as another incentive for players to start dropping as many wards as possible. While highly ranked players are already in the habit of doing so, it is the lower-tier that needs to be convinced of the importance of vision in League of Legends.

Keep in mind that all three of the aforementioned runes are independent. This means that players can only choose one from the lot.

The Runes Reforged program was announced in May and sees the developer tearing down the walls and rebuilding the entire foundation from scratch. Runes Reforged will see the merging of both Runes and Masteies into one singular entity. Most importantly, after years of enduring long-standing complaints and criticism, League of Legends will finally offer Runes for free.

It is slated to go live around the pre-season in November this year.