For Honor Dedicated Servers and New Changes Coming for New Seasons

Ubisoft is still hard at work making For Honor the best game it can be, and now they’ve announced that along with changes in seasons 3 and 4, For Honor dedicated servers will also be coming for a more stable multiplayer experience. These include a new game mode, new heroes, and new maps.

Two seasons of multiplayer have passed in For Honor since the game released in February, and Ubisoft remains dedicated to providing free additional content for the game. In those two seasons, Ubisoft has released two new classes, the Centurion and the Shinobi. They’ve also released 104 new outfits, over 50 new emotes, two new maps, and new ornaments, new executions, and new mood effects.

In addition to the new class characters that were given out in season 2, we’ll be getting four other new class characters, two to each season, though so far we don’t know what those will be. In Season 4, the game will be getting a new four-vs-four game mode, but once again, details aren’t forthcoming.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes will be For Honor dedicated servers, which will be replacing the point-to-point servers that the game has run on so far. One of the biggest complaints that people had about For Honor was a lack of stability in the multiplayer component, which is one major flaw of point to point servers. Players would often either be stuck waiting for a game, or begin one and be kicked almost immediately.

Dedicated servers will allow players to be dropped less, and on PC will also help to prevent people from cheating in games, which could also help to get people back in the game if they quit due to multiplayer shenanigans.

While we don’t know when the For Honor dedicated servers will start, Season 3 of the multiplayer will begin in August and run until November, which Season 4 will begin in November and run until February.