EA Investor Call Says New Battlefield Game Coming in 2018

An EA investor call yesterday revealed that a new Battlefield game would be released in 2018, after two years of EA supporting Battlefield 1. While we don’t know specifics, it’s likely that the game won’t be another World War 1 game. Hopefully, we’ll have more information about the new game soon.

Battlefield 1 was one of EA’s most successful games in a while, helping to wash away the stigma against the game when it released in a much better state than Battlefield 4, which got a large amount of criticism for bugs and unstable multiplayer, to say nothing of a lackluster campaign mode.

However, much like Call of Duty, Battlefield has to keep coming out with games to keep things fresh, and even if Battlefield 1 was extremely successful, DICE likely won’t do it again. While we may head forward in time to World War 2, or even further into the modern day, hopefully DICE will be able to make a game just as good as Battlefield 1.

There’s also the possibility that the new Battlefield game might be a new Bad Company, as Bad Company 2 was one of the most popular Battlefield games in recent memory (and also was responsible for DICE games getting destructible environments nowadays). While there hasn’t really been any recent leaks about a third Bad Company game, it would certainly be a good change from more multiplayer-focused titles.

The studio might also make a return to the 2142 series, which was fairly popular in its own day and had a number of interesting game modes, like the Titan mode where each side had to take down the enemy’s giant flying airship.

Either way, a new Battlefield game is coming in 2018, and we’ll likely get some form of information about it either late this year or early next year. Until then, all we can hope is that it’s able to surpass Battlefield 1 in terms of quality.