You Can Play Doom Free On Playstation 4 If You Have PS Plus

If you’re up for a huge burst of glorious violence and have a Playstation Plus subscription, you’ll be able to play Doom free on Playstation 4 for this weekend only. The game, which came out back in 2016, is a reboot of the original Doom series, and received critical acclaim.

Doom was one of the most hotly anticipated games of that year, and didn’t disappoint; it had all of the violence and gore that the original game had, and with an amazing campaign filled with cool weapons and demons for the player to butcher (not to mention wide open levels filled with collectibles), and a killer soundtrack, the game ended up being nominated for the Game of the Year at The Game Awards, losing to Overwatch.

Unfortunately, even though you can play Doom free on Playstation 4, you won’t be able to go through the entire game. The game’s story mode only has the first two levels available, meaning that you’ll likely get just enough to whet your appetite. However, you will be able to play the entirety of the multiplayer. While that doesn’t sound appealing, Doom’s multiplayer has improved a great deal after a number of updates.

However, considering many people recommended that the multiplayer be skipped in favor of the story, Playstation’s attempt to get people to play Doom free on Playstation 4 may not work out very well. However, the campaign demo may be just enough to get more people to buy the game and play the story, getting all of the game’s cool weapons (including the gloriousness that is the BFG.)

So, if you have Playstation Plus and haven’t yet bought the Doom game, this might be one of the best opportunities you get to buy the game and play a little ways through it. Who knows? You might end up liking it.