Beyond Good And Evil 2 Has A Pirates Of The Caribbean Character

A Pirates of the Caribbean character is apparently going to be in Beyond Good and Evil 2 as part of the game’s cast, according to a recently released demo video that showed off a good number of the various characters. That character is Mistress Ching, a Chinese pirate lord, or at least someone similar.

In Pirates of the Caribbean, the third movie showed off a number of other powerful pirate lords, who ruled the world’s oceans. Mistress Ching, a blind pirate lord from China who served as the lord of the Pacific Ocean, was one of these alongside main character Jack Sparrow, who served as Lord of the Caribbean Sea.

While this is most likely not the Pirates of the Caribbean character herself, Ubisoft has apparently made a character for the game that looks very similar to her, being an elderly blind Chinese woman wearing fancy robes. Considering that the Beyond Good and Evil 2 reveal trailer was heavily Asia-inspired, taking place on the planet of Ganesha, the look is at least appropriate for the setting.

Considering we haven’t had much information about Beyond Good and Evil 2 since Ubisoft’s E3 conference where the game was actually, finally revealed, we’ll likely have to wait for a while longer before the Ubisoft ends up introducing us to more characters other than the two space pirates that starred in the trailer.

With how diverse the ending character picture is, we’re probably going to be interacting with a great deal of different people as we go through Beyond Good and Evil 2. We still don’t know when Beyond Good and Evil 2 will come out, or what platforms it will be released on, but hopefully we’ll be getting more information on the game soon.

In the meantime, the original Beyond Good and Evil is available on the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility service, and if you want to see the supposed Pirates of the Caribbean character in the game for yourself, look further up the article at the character picture.