Wolfenstein Avatar Might Have Gotten An Xbox Live Gamer Banned

An Xbox Live gamer may have gotten banned from Xbox Live on account of a Wolfenstein avatar, according to a Reddit thread that he posted on the official Xbox subreddit. The redditor, named xChAsE6x, claimed that he had gotten banned for having an avatar from Wolfenstein: The New Order.

While Chase apparently thought that it was the fault of that particular avatar that got him banned from Xbox Live, the actual reason may be a previous avatar, according to various comments elsewhere on the thread. That previous avatar, which showed a girl with a shirt that left her shoulder exposed, might have caused the banning, though we don’t know for sure.

We likely won’t find out anytime soon, either, considering that the thread has been locked and Microsoft has told Chase to pick it up with Microsoft themselves, rather than complaining on Reddit.

The Xbox Live Code of Conduct might have a sort of reason as to why Chase was banned for a time; both because of his original avatar, and the Wolfenstein avatar (which had BJ Blazkowicz standing on a heap of dead Nazis), he might have violated one of its tenets, mainly those dealing with obscenity.

Of course, the double standard would still apply when it comes to two relatively tame avatars; in some of the comments on the thread, Chase expressed frustration that even though he would get banned for either one of his avatar choices, people playing Call of Duty and shrieking obscenities at everyone often wouldn’t get banned.

However this situation plays out, whether it was Chase’s Wolfenstein avatar or whatever other avatar he had on his account, hopefully he’ll be able to get his account back and learn a lesson from this. In the meantime, be mindful of your behavior on Xbox Live, everyone.