Shadow Of War: Meet “The Agonizer”, Voiced By Kumail Nanjiani

As the launch of Shadow Of War is getting closer, developer Monolith Productions has been revealing new details about the game. Just recently, BAFTA nominated “Garry Schyman” confirmed he is scoring the game and now the studio has released a new trailer showcasing Kumail Nanjiani as “The Agonizer”.

In this new trailer for Shadow Of War, we see Kumail Nanjiani giving his performance as “The Agonizer” and also talks about his unique character. According to Nanjiani, his character is quite interesting, who constantly overthinks and second guesses his actions. Check out the trailer above.

Shadow Of War will launch for PC and current gen consoles and these are not the only platforms that gamers will enjoy the game as Warner Bros has officially confirmed the mobile version of the upcoming game.

The mobile version of Shadow Of War will be a free-to-play real-time RPG that will let players follow Talion, Celebrimbor, Elatriel, and other characters from the game, and not only this the game will also feature characters from Lords Of The Rings movies.

Monolith Productions has also revealed that players will not be able to replay failed missions in the upcoming Shadow Of War. If the player dies during the castle siege the time will move forward, player’s allies will be captured and the enemies will grow in strength.

Furthermore, Monolith Productions is quite confident about its sequel and are making sure that for those who did not play the first one, Shadow Of War will be an entry point for them.

It’s really important for us that this is a point of entry. This is sort of the bigger blockbuster version of the game, so if you haven’t played Shadow and you start playing this one, it should be pretty easy to get into. Even if you don’t have prior knowledge of the movies.

Shadow Of War is an open-world action adventure game in development at Monolith Productions and is scheduled to launch on October 10, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.