Madden Legacy Issues Hopefully Won’t Happen In Madden 18

EA Tiburon has said that there won’t be any Madden legacy issues when the game releases later this year, referencing multiple issues with previous Madden games that would allow players various exploits that they could use to win games. EA is going to be working on addressing those issues during development.

Considering that most sports games are essentially the same game with a new coat of paint and some improvements slapped on, it’s not really a surprise that some issues and exploits that have been in previous Madden games remain in this one. However, EA Tiburon, the studio that makes Madden under the EA Sports banner, has a list of the most known issues that they’re going to be working on before release.

The various Madden legacy issues on the list include everything from a Swerve exploit from Madden NFL 17, to other things like position-specific defensive hot routes. Ample use of exploits like this could turn some people off of playing the games, since if they keep losing they’ll eventually quit out of frustration.

Exploits aren’t the only things wrong in the Madden NFL series either; bugs are a problem as well. Players could somehow be caught from behind by players that are slower than they are, better sideline control for RAC catches, DBs choosing to swat versus going for the pick, and more. With all of these issues in mind, hopefully the game will be free of those sorts of issues that can prevent games from being fun.

Hopefully EA Tiburon will be able to fix the Madden legacy issues in time for the game to come out so that they can prevent the issues that have caused other Madden games to be less fun in the past. Madden NFL 18 will be releasing on August 25 of this year for the Xbox One and Playstation 4.