Here’s Where You Can Watch All Of The Monster Hunter: World Weapons In Action

Monster Hunter is a game about preparation and having the right gear for the job, so it’s no surprise that the Monster Hunter: World weapons that are going to be available in this new game are just as varied as the monsters that players are going to be fighting.

One of the most important parts of Monster Hunter is being able to craft new weapons and armor out of the parts of the monsters you kill, in addition to selling everything else off to make money. Players will be able to obtain three different categories of weapons throughout the game, including Light, Heavy, and Technical weapons.

These three categories include a number of both tried-and-true and odd new weapons that players will be able to master over the course of the game. Whether it’s the good old sword and shield combo, a light bowgun, a gunlance, a greatsword, or things like the hunting horn, insect glaive, or a good old fashioned bow, there’s going to be plenty of ways players can tailor their characters to use one weapon effectively.

Many of the Monster Hunter: World weapons have special abilities that you can use with them, such as the elemental discharge ability for the Switch Axe technical weapon, the ability to shoot out insects for the insect glaive. Even the Sword and Shield has one, as while you’re wielding it you can use items freely, rather than having to switch to something else.

Monster Hunter: World will be releasing for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, with the two console versions releasing sometime during the first quarter of 2018, and the PC version releasing sometime afterwards.

If you want to learn more about the various Monster Hunter: World weapons, you can look at the three different videos that give you information about all 14 of them.