Fake Grand Theft Auto 6 Motion Capture Resume Doesn’t Confirm GTA 6

A fake Grand Theft Auto 6 motion capture resume has been uncovered, showing that there, so far, isn’t any real news about a Grand Theft Auto 6 anytime soon. While the game is likely one that is hotly anticipated by GTA fans, it appears Rockstar isn’t going to be putting it out soon.

Previously, the resume had been touted as proof that a new game was coming, as it was a motion capture resume written by a motion capture stuntman named Tim Neff. However, after actually getting in contact with Neff, the news website PCGamesN was able to disprove the resume. While we don’t necessarily know when a Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released, hopefully it’s being worked on.

Various pranks about a certain game being worked on like the fake Grand Theft Auto 6 motion capture resume aren’t all that uncommon; several years before Fallout 4 was actually announced at E3 2016, someone put up a fake countdown website that would have supposedly ended up revealing the game.

Of course, that ended up not being true, but it’s hardly the first time something like that has happened. Currently, Rockstar Games is working on the sequel to Red Dead Redemption, which is supposed to come out sometime early next year after being delayed from its original release window of this fall.

However, Rockstar did claim around a year ago that Grand Theft Auto 6 was in development, and so we may see something like it in a few years, at least until Red Dead Redemption 2 is done and out in the wild with only DLC left to make for it.

Hopefully we’ll be getting more information about a Grand Theft Auto 6 soon, but in the mean time don’t let the fake Grand Theft Auto 6 motion capture resume fool you. Tim Neff said himself that he didn’t write it, and never posted it anywhere.